What is it and How does it work?

Wallet tracker is a tool that lets you track other people wallets.
You enter The Wallet address. As soon as a new NFT appears in the chosen wallet/s you get a notification.
We took a unique approach of filtering received NFT's.
You will be notified only if the wallet that received the NFT has no other NFTs with the same Policy ID and the NFT received is the last minted NFT in the wallet.
This approach ensures you will be notified only about rising stars among CNFT's (minting phase, right after minting if owner bought from a marketplace).

Why is it useful?

Its main purpose is to make you know where smart money goes. You can enter addresses of most renowned CNFT collectors like Fahadouken or influencers like BitBoy
You will be aware of every drop they participate in and have an opportunity to get onboard early.