What is it and How does it work?

CNFT Sniper is one of the most useful tools on our platform. You set it up to look for NFT's with certain policy ID below chosen price.
CNFT sniper continuously monitors jpg.store and cnft.io. When it sees a listing that fits your requirements, it immediately sends you an alert.

This feature gives you many opportunities:

1)  Being an extremely efficient flipper:
Let's say Clay Nation floor price is equal to 1600 ADA. You set up CNFT Sniper to monitor for all Clays priced below 1470 ADA.
As soon as some guy **paperhand** lists his clay for 1450 ADA, you get an alert and scoop the NFT.
By selling it for floor price you make clean 100 ADA profit considering market fees. This process can be done on multiple projects at the same time, making Legacy Pass one of the best ROI CNFT out there.

2)  Setting buy orders. Are you interested in a project, but want to wait for a floor to drop for a good entry point?
Nothing simpler with CNFT Sniper. Just set up the price, and you'll get a notification when a project reaches that level.