CNFT Trader Pro is a software providing tools for automated CNFT trading

Get a massive edge in trading and flip your way to the top!


What do we offer:

CNFT Sniper

CNFT Sniper is a market-scanning tool. You set it up to look for NFTs with certain Policy ID below chosen price. Then as soon as someone lists such NFT on the market you are the first person to snipe it and make a quick flip!

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Wallet tracker

Wallet Tracker lets you know what whales, influencers and insiders buy. You just enter the address and get the notification whenever they mint something new!

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More to come

This is just the beginning. We will keep developing tools to help you in trading.

How to buy

How many left: 122/150

In order to buy send exactly 100 ADA to the address below:


How to get access

Currently the only way to gain acces to the platform is through having a Legacy Pass

a) Buy Legacy Pass
b) Verify yourself as a holder
c) Voila! You have eternal acces to all features

How to get verified


1) create an account on and verify your wallet with Legacy Pass
2) Connect your account


Our hard working team

Kajetan Olas

Founder and Developer

Kajetan, also known as Shadowfax in the CNFT community is a passionate CNFT collector and developer. He began his journey with jpgs in August 2021. Since then, he took interest in tools that could automate NFT/CNFT trading process.

Antoni Kasprzyk

Graphic Designer and Business Advisor

Antoni is an experienced businessman and investor. His hobby is computer graphics and drawing. He is responsible for the graphic design of our products, primarily - Legacy Passes.


Frequently Asked Questions

There will only ever be 150 Legacy Passes.

Our project unlike art/pfp projects is oriented purely on providing utility and generating value to the buyers. Therefore it's likely that value generated by using our platform will be higher than cost of Legacy Pass (100 ADA).

To ensure long-term support for the project we set royalties to 10%.

Check out our youtube channel, where we demonstrated how CNFT Trader Pro works.

No, the sale will last will we sell out.

Dm us on twitter.